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How Finding Happiness Will Improve Your Relationship

Relationships almost always start off with sparks. Imagine the flood of electricity that comes when we first meet and fall in love. Once the initial wave of emotion has subsided, we tend to fall back into something that’s less energizing. After a while, relationships can become more about habit and less about happiness. Things don’t […]

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Tired? Stressed? Overweight? The Answer Could Be Mindfulness

How can one thing help solve being tired, stressed and overweight? Mindfulness helps eliminate or reduce all of these things because practicing mindfulness allows you go to the root cause of many of these problems. Being tired, stressed, or overweight are personal struggles and the underlying causes are personal too.  Those underlying causes are where mindfulness creates transformation, […]

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16 Quick Beginner Tips for Mindfulness Meditation

Beginning is almost always the most difficult part of doing something, and that goes for mindfulness meditation. So what can beginners do to get the most out of their practice? There are lots of simple ways to enhance early meditative practice, actions that don’t take much time or effort but,can have a huge impact on […]

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